I was born the day after Halloween, November 1st of 1990, which is probably why I come up with such ravishing nightmares that later find a way into my artwork. I started drawing since I was 5 and got serious when I was about 14 which later got me into painting and a few other art mediums. I have a keen eye for details and I think that that is why I typically spend months exagerating detail levels such as doing every single pore on a face because it really excites my artwork for myself and others. I feel that artwork should be something you can stare at for hours and see something new every time and with every little detail I try to allow you to have a new experience when you look at my artwork. I'm the kind of guy who carries a sketchbook with him everywhere he goes so that whenever he isn't doing something productive he can start sketching some drawings (especially when i'm waiting at a restaurant) because I feel that being productive gives you purpose. I think about alot of weird things, but that's probably because I find the world to be a little strange and strange is a good thing in my book. I also tend to think more about things in life psychologically. I think about the effects something can have on you (such as seeing nostalgic icons like PeeWee Herman). I get my inspiration through many things: Puppets, Asians, Artist, Animals, Emotions, Cartoons,Video Games, Movies (Fantasy and Horror) and a few other things. Most of my ideas are psycologically disturbing. We only fear what we don't understand, so in doing so I am trying to understand my fears by establishing them with others and making them physical. It doesn't matter how they are made, whether they are paper or clay, canvas or wood, ect. I am going to put them on something and express them in the atmosphere they belong and hopefully have someone appreciate it the same way I do.