October 30, 2010

Paintings (Acrylic)

"The Digital Avengers (The Last Supper Rendition) (2017)" (12x36 Inches) :
All the video game gang is here!!! At least the strong are I mean, and this time they chose to sit around the the Last Supper Table to enjoy a few potions and celebrate the overtaking of the video game dark world. There is a lot I could say about this piece but I wouldn't want to ruin the observer's time of getting to figure that out so I will only name a few. There are over 20 different Game references including Mickey Mouse, South Park, Bioshock, Borderlands, Crash Bandicoot, Spyro The Dragon and The Darkness, as well as some lesser know characters like Yookah-Laylee (Platonic Games), which Rare co-founders have created to be the sequel to Banjo-Kazooie. The amount of time I have put into this painting would make anybody appreciate the sheer effort to bring a world of unique video game characters to life in a modern last supper rendition purely for the joy of seeing what that might be like, and sure enough, here we have it folks! Enjoy this monumental video game painting masterpiece I have created for your pleasure!

 photo The Digital Avengers3.jpg

Close Up:
 photo The Digital Avengers3Song Bird Crop.jpg Close Up:
 photo The Digital Avengers3 Crop Mickey.jpg
"Snowman's Charm (2009)" (8x11 Inches):

This snowman has been color dyed to the degree of a snowcone. Don't be fooled by his bright colors, he uses his charm to attract wanderers but I wouldn't want to know what he's up to.


Close Up:
I used a few colors in the eye to add some detail.

Click HERE to view full size photo's of "Snow Man's Charm".

I have decided to make some business cards with "Snowman's Charm" as the background, here is the result:


"Elevate Your Mind (2009)" (18x24 Inches):
The brain has alot of room to grow, don't stop thinking or it will wither away.


Close Up:
The humming bird on the left took 5 hours to do.

Close Up #2:
Ladybugs protect your gardens from aphids which eat your plants which is why the Ladybugs were put in to show how they protect the mind from harmful or bad thoughts which stop it from growing.

Click HERE to view full size photo's of  "Elevate Your Mind".

"Pee Wee's Candy Corn Nightmare (2006)" (36x36 Inches):
This painting is where it all started. I am very happy to know my first surreal painting was of Pee Wee Herman, he literally was my childhood role model but I couldn't be as goofy as him so I decided to paint him being fed candy from a Candy Corn Alien...yes, it's random but I was just starting so you cannot hate too hard.

Click HERE for full size photo's of "Pee Wee's Candy Corn Nightmare".

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  1. and this just looks like it took FOREVER! really nice