October 30, 2010

Drawings (Graphite/Ink)

"Fester's Feast (2014)" (8x11 Inches): 
Come a little closer, I promise I just want to taste your skin, thats all! This was inspired by Junji Ito from one of his comics.
 photo 636542d1-96da-4c20-9acd-590122af464f.jpg

"Dream Catcher (2014)" (8x11 Inches): 
I designed the drawing on the right for my friend Jessica Bikszer who ended up getting a awesome rendition of my design! This is my first tattoo design commission and most certainly will not be the last!
   photo 06fb2efb-2e67-4a01-804b-3d8d0a9e7b8e.png

"Wasabi Lobby (2010)" (8x11 Inches):
A world I have just yet discovered in my brain...I don't know what it is about asians but I always have been obsessed with them and their culture. This drawing is about a asian boy being possed by a wasabi asian girl and you know the rest...haha.

Click HERE for full size photo's of "Wasabi Lobby".

"A-List EP Album Art (2011)":
Am I not lucky enough already to be able to collaborate with Dubstep duo "A-List"? and now I get to have my artwork featured on their "Illicit EP" released in 2011. Here is my drawing "Wasabi Lobby" on A-List's "Illicit EP":


Click HERE for full size photo's of "A-List Illicit EP Album Art".
Click HERE for "A-List" Soundcloud.

 photo 5150a4ca-9e2d-43d4-854e-4ac7d53dcbff.jpg

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