October 30, 2010

Murals (Acrylic/Aerosol)

Mobil Restoration Mural (Photo taken by Michael Perez):

 photo 775f6ad5-c970-4a37-b69b-d91f3f32d648.jpg

(Closeup Shot on Plymouth Muscle Car) (Photo taken by Michael Perez):
  photo 406ade5d-e3d3-4d56-90bb-216d11afba07.jpg

Front of Mobil Restoration building (Hillbilly Buckwheat) (Photo taken by Michael Perez):
  photo adfd9d6e-f076-4441-a377-e49c50c7d240.jpg

I have always enjoyed painting on canvas since I first started in 2006, but doing murals is like nothing I've experienced before. So much planning and skill goes into murals because the murals can be bigger than you. If you are interested and would like me to make you a mural then contact me on my facebook:

Milpz Facebook

Iglicia Nueva Christian Chruch (Photo taken by Dustin Hirdt):
I am really pleased with the result of this mural after 200 hours plus, and guess what...I did this exact same mural image on both sides of the walls inside the church...Phew!

Click HERE for full size photos of "Iglicia Nueva Church" mural.

Easy Street Cafe Mural (Photo taken by Dustin Hirdt):
This mural was done for my friend Adam Bikzer's father Abraham Bikszer who happens to owns one of the best restaurants in San Anselmo and possibly all Marin...not just hyping you because of the mural I did there, haha.

Painting Shot (Photo taken by Dustin Hirdt):
Notice my eagle eye ;)


Click HERE for full size photos of "Easy Street Cafe" mural.

Easy Street Info:
882 Sir Francis Drake Blvd
Red Hill Shopping Center

San Anselmo, CA 94960
(415) 453-1984

Mon-Sun 7 am - 9 pm
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